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After our owner retired from the Hattiesburg police department, he decided to open a locksmith company. Customers say that we do a good job at very reasonable prices. You can trust that our entire staff is honest and keep your safety in mind at all times.

Hi my name is Greg Hammer and I own and operate Lamar Lock & Key.  I grew up in Bay St. Louis, MS and later moved to the Hattiesburg area where I worked for the Hattiesburg Police Department.


Upon retiring from the police department in 2002, I opened Lamar Lock & Key.

Greg Hammer (Owner)

When you call Lamar Lock & Key, I am the person answering the phone and not some call center in New York or Florida.


I am saddened by the wide spread abuse of our industry by scam artist and folks looking to make a quick buck by ripping off consumers. Beware of any service provider that requires cash up front.


I do everything possible, including posting my prices on this website to assure folks I am honest, dependable and a true locksmith.


Through the years, I am so grateful of all the awesome customers I have serviced. I hope I can win your trust as well if you haven’t used me in the past.


Thanks so much


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Lamar Lock & Key is a highly dependable, locally owned business that's been serving the Pine Belt region since 2002.